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"Throughout Life, My Pen Will Be Exercised in Every Avenue Possible, this Ink is a Renewable Source, Ubiquitous and Sure to Return like thah Sun.” - @poetikah 

Poetikah, is a British / Jamaican spoken word artist, music artist and writer, born and currently residing in South London, England.

She quickly became known and recognised in the UK spoken word scene, performing at open mics, poetry / music events and venues around London and England. Poetikah wrote and performed a voice over piece for short film, "Unfolding", by Romaine Reid, that won best editing in the Golden Short Film Festival, 3rd Quarter Competition 2020/2021.

A part of the ‘Flo Poets' collective, mentored by 7 x Grammy Award Nominated, Natalie " The Floacist" Stewart and a firm favourite in the UK spoken word scene, the South London native released spoken word music that married her love for metaphorical flows, meditative vibrations and passion for crafting musical soundscapes. 

Her style evidences her love for Hip-Hop, "Conscious Rap", Jazz  and alternative sounds, whilst drawing on a multitude of diverse artistic and cultural influences to inform her own work.

To date, this spiritual Wordsmith has written and produced a spoken word mini-album called, "Matters of Thah Hart", has released collaborative music with other poets and artists and is steadily working on the next spoken word music album. Experimenting with contemporary vibrations though, she has ventured into the world of inspiring the production of RnB and Sacred Drill sounds, rather then solely working with the usual Spoken Word instrumentals.

2021 had us see a prolific execution of musical and visual pairings from the griot, with her, "Lemon Pepper Freestyle", remix, "Rage and Rhapsody", spoken piece and "Four Score Wars", a #sacreddrill hard-hitting track that expresses the war themes of the next album, all with visuals to be viewed on  @Poetikah's YouTube channel.

Poetikah recently participated, wrote for and was a cast member of the visual album release turned exhibition and interactive theatre experience, "Drummer, Warrior, Storyteller", written and created by Apex Zero,(emcee, filmmaker, writer) produced by Muti of Village 101 Studios, (creative director, Qi coach, music artist, activist ). Poetikah wrote and performed spoken word in theatre alongside Guy Kelton Jones, triumphing with the rest of the elements and success of the show, that used Hip-Hop, film, live performance, dance and drumming to tell multi timelined stories of the historical and social journies of afro peoples.

The summer of 2022 saw Poetikah commence event hosting, where once a month.. she hosts entrepreneur, artist and author, Jaja Soze's poetry event, "Poetry Luv", held in Brxtn Village Studios, that welcomes those with penmen and womanship of all levels and from all walks.

Currently, Poetikah is  establishing herself as a freelance Copywriter / Content writer / Music PR writer and is learning piano.. 

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